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Welcome to Manicure4u On the internet Elegance and Health Care Items Store. Look out for our ever modifying marketing offers too! Our product such as sleeping mask will provide you better sleep and happy dreams. Tweezers, Scissers and hair combs are also enhance your beauty at regular utilization.So frankly reach our station keep your order online we'll deliver straight to your door.

Newly Arrived Products

Heavy Duty Nail Pliers

£12.99Buy Now!12.99

Nail Pliers 1

£9.99Buy Now!9.99

Powder Puff 9

£9.99Buy Now!9.99

Powder Puff 8

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Powder Puff 7

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Powder Puff 5

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Powder Puff 6

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Powder Puff 4

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Powder Puff 3

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Powder Puff 2

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Powder Puff 1

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Sea Sponge 2

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Sea Sponge 1

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Eyelash Flare Long Black

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Eyelash Flare Medium Black

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Hot Selling Products

NU Spring Facial Hair Removal


Fast, Simple and Easy to use

Now you can have a clean, silky smooth face with this easy to use, simple and highly effective device; NU Spring facial hair remover.

NU Spring is a natural, safe and convenient way to remove unwanted hair. With a simple bend and roll motion.

Based on an ancient technique know as threading, NU Spring removes the hair from the root! Rather than just cut the hair (like some cheap imitations of this product).

NU Spring is very convenient and simple to use. It is also safer, less messy and a very inexpensive way to remove unwanted facial hair without damaging the skin. Waxing strips away a thin layer of skin each time and can cause skin to sag and wrinkle. Bleaches and creams can cause skin burns and pigmentation. NU Spring does not require batteries or electricity. You can even use NU Spring while watching TV in the privacy of your home.

NU Spring is so safe that it can be used by anyone 10 years and older, even pregnant women can safely benefit from the NU Spring facial hair remover


It is so effective and easy to use! No expertise is required. To remove unsightly hair from the upper lip, chin and cheek areas all you have to do is follow the following simple steps:

1 - Hold each end and bend the bar downwards into an inverted \\\'U\\\'.

2 - Place it against your face and roll the bar inwards and outwards with your thumbs.

3 - The spring will catch the hairs and gently pull them out, leaving you with a clean and silky smooth face.

4 - Wash your face and moisturise as required for comfort.

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Safe, fast, effective and value for money!

NU Spring comes with different colour ends, please state which colour you would like in the comments field when ordering, we will try to fulfil all requests but if a colour is unavailable or a specific colour has not be requested, then one will be supplied at random.

1 - Black
2 - Blue
3 - Green
4 - Pink
5 - Purple
6 - Red
7 - Yellow

In Stock

Afro Comb Metal Teeth

3.49£3.49Buy Now!Manicure4u offers high quality Metal Teeth Afro Comb on ISO quality standards. The Afro Comb Metal Teeth 12 prong Afro comb is a fantastic, multi-purpose comb ideal for premed or curly hair, easy to use hand held design and outcome in less breakage of hair. This Manicure4u brand, Afro Comb Metal Teeth is uniquely designed as a basic acquisitiveness of Combs. The smooth design and round ended metal teeth of Afro Comb is perfect for the professionals, men and women as they will not scratch the scalp or damage the hair. The Afro Comb Metal Teeth come beautifully packed and well presented. In Stock

Sleeping Mask

2.99£2.99Buy Now!Manicure4u offers a high quality sleeping mask. Sleeping Mask is the most essential accessory that you will need to use with other Manicure4u products. Manicure4u offers a sleeping mask accessory with ISO quality standard . Sleeping mask block out light and helps relieve insomnia and migraines. Sleeping mask fully adjustable, fits any adult head size. Smooth satin outer with soft, breathable poly/cotton lining. The Hibermate sleep mask is completely hypoallergenic. The sleep mask comes beautifully packaged and presented. Manicure4u brand Sleeping Masks, are uniquely designed sleeping masks backed with silky soft black satin, silk and cotton mix, organic cotton and Sea-Cell fabrics. The light weight padding sandwiched in the middle makes Manicure4u Sleeping Mask, the most comfortable sleeping mask we\'ve ever worn. Sleeping Mask usaully use at professional level in parlors or at homes.In Stock

Manicure Set Nickel Plated Implements

12.99£12.99Buy Now!Manicure4u offers high quality Manicure Set Nickel Plated Implements ISO quality standards. The Manicure Set Nickel Plated Implements 9-Piece grooming set contains tweezer, two scissors, plastic handle nail file saphire Nickle, nail cutter, cuticle plier and three knife pusher. This Manicure4u brand Manicure Set Nickel Plated Implements is uniquely designed as a basic acquisitiveness of Manicure Set Nickel Plated Implements to achieve the best balance and stability in hand during use. The smooth design Manicure Set Nickel Plated Implements is usually used by professionals in beauty parlours, saloons and general used at home. The Manicure Set Nickel Plated Implements come beautifully packed and well presented.In Stock

Barber Scissors Stainless Steel with Hook

5.99£5.99Buy Now!Manufactured from Japanese Steel, renowned for its strength and durability, these barber scissors come in sizes of 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7 and 7.5 inches. Comes with adjustable finger rest for additional support.In Stock

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